Friday, April 29, 2011

ROI Unlimited Build your Projected Income with Jevon Hayter

Today let's discuss a very powerful accounting term. Which is Projected Income, this is the money that should come into your business if everything goes as planned.

For instance when you go to a loan company they give you money. But on the books they show your next month's payment as Projected Income. This is the money that your business should make if the customer's make their payments.

A successful business will grow this number while keeping charge offs down thus increasing profitability!

So how does this apply to ROI Unlimited. Well I have been in the business about 50 days now, and I am working the business.

In working the business I have sponsored 8 business builders. In doing so I will receive a bonus when they cycle the boards in ROI Unlimited. Now let's take a look at what my projected income will be when they cycle all 3 boards.

1. Driver Board-$100 bonus x 8 partners = $800.00 Projected Income.

2. Accelerator Board-$1,000 bonus x 8 partners = $8,000 Projected Income.

3. Power Board-$2,000 bonus x 8 partners = $16,000 Projected Income.

So for the 8 business partners that I have found if I keep working and push them through the program I know that some point in this year I should clear


If each person cycles 1 time on each board.

So what if they cycle 5 times this year!

$125,800 to me in residual income bonus.

Not bad for going out talking to 8 people who want to own their own business from home. Then helping them to succeed..... by leveraging our team efforts to move throug the boards.

ROI Unlimited makes the Impossible Possible for anyone who will build their business with us!



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